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Pool Options and Aesthetics

Retractable Covers


A. Retractable Security Cover

The Retractable Security Cover acts as a horizontal fence sealing off access to the pool. Indoors the cover controls humidity, while outdoors the cover seals out dirt, leaves and debris. The cover retracts onto a roller at one end of the pool and deploys along low-profile tracks installed on the pool coping. A lock-down mechanism is provided to secure the cover over the pool. The cover meets stringent ASTM F1346 safety standards and is strong enough to support the weight of an adult. The cover is available in light blue, aqua, royal blue, grey, tan, forest green and black. Sample color swatches are available. Covers for outdoor installations come equipped with a cover pump that automatically pumps rain water off the top of the cover. Endless Pools strongly recommends the security cover for all installations.



B.Automatic Retractable Security Cover

Our automatic retractable security cover acts as a horizontal fence keeping children and pets out of the pool while con- trolling humidity. Operated with the turn of a key, the cover automatically retracts for convenient access to you pool.

The cover meets stringent ASTM F1346 safety standards. In fact, it’s capable of supporting the weight of several adults, and more importantly, a rambunctious child or two. EPI strongly recommends the security cover for installations that may be accessible to children, non-swimmers and pets.

Available in a wide range of colors, the cover can be installed with most coping systems. If you want to enjoy the benefits of our widely respected security cover with more ease than ever, contact us today for more information.

Color Choices: Navy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Turquoise, Teal, Green, Tan, Brown, Black, Charcoal, Gray.  Outdoor Automatic Retractable Security Cover includes pump to remove rainwater.


Size and Depth Options


When deciding upon a length and width for your pool, you should consider such factors as how you intend to use your pool, the general dimensions of the site, your own height, and additional space requirements for options such as jets, lights and a retractable security cover.

C. Wider Pools

Our standard pool is ideal for freestyle swimming but people who swim with a wide “frog kick” may benefit from a wider pool. Pools up to 3′ wider are offered.

D. Longer Pools

If you want to have more than one person using your pool at the same time, a longer pool is a good idea. We offer pools up to 2′ longer.

E. Shorter Pools

Looking to install an Endless Pool into a tight space where a standard 7′ x 14′ won’t fit? A shorter pool may be the answer. One to two feet shorter pools offer the same quality current as our standard pools.

F. Deeper Area Pools

A standard depth Endless Pool is designed for swimming and waist deep water aerobics. A pool with a deeper area allows for chest deep aquatic exercise and water running. A Deeper Area pool requires a custom liner and either site excavation or a platform in a room with an adequate ceiling height.



Coping and Skirting

A. Synthetic Coping
Our Synthetic Coping offers an attractive, cost-effective, durable and convenient method to finish the top edge of your Endless Pool. The 9.75″ x 1″-thick polymer-resin material is impervious to water and mildew. It needs little maintenance and never requires refinishing. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to complement any decor.

B. Aluminum Coping
Our Aluminum Coping offers an easy and durable way to finish the top edge of your Endless Pool. The extruded aluminum interlocked panels are welded for maximum strength and include prefabricated corners and straight pieces pre-cut to fit your selected pool size. The coping is 1-3/8″ thick and 8″ wide and comes finished in a sand textured white, that can be painted any color you want.The snap strip can be removed and replaced with an inset of wood, tile, marble or any material you choose. Joints between the adjacent coping pieces are covered with an textured aluminum cover strip.

C. Wood Receiver Coping
Knowing our customers like to use wood, we developed this extruded aluminum Wood Receiver System to accommodate standard 2″ x 10″ cedar, teak, mahogany or redwood provided by the homeowner. Finished with multiple coats of a suitable marine varnish, this coping system will fit any budget.

D. Bullnose Coping
Typically used when the pool is installed fully in-ground, the Bullnose Coping System allows the installer to finish with concrete and/or tile right up to the water’s edge. The Bullnose Coping System acts as both a liner hanger and a finished edge. Supplied in pieces that can be cut to fit a specific pool size, these extrusions are fastened down to the top flange of the pool panels.

E. Skirting Packages
The skirting package allows homeowners to finish the exposed walls of their aboveground pools. Intended for pools that are placed against a wall or in a corner.The skirting package includes prefabricated mitered corners, all required mounting hardware and bead-board finish sheets 42″ x 48″. Pieces can be easily trimmed for partially in-ground pools. The skirting can be painted or stained to match your decor.


F. Four Hydrotherapy Jets

The hydrotherapy benefits of the Endless Pool swim current can be supplemented with the addition of four concentrated Hydrotherapy Jets powered by a separate 1 HP pump. The optional jets are ideal for therapy and relaxation, and may be installed above the benches on any wall of the pool. The jets and swim current can be operated at the same time, permitting one person to enjoy the jets while a second per- son swims against the current. If you want jets, they should be ordered with your pool as they are not easily retrofitted. Access must be main- tained to the pool wall where jets are installed.

G.Two Underwater Lights

Two underwater lights can transform your Endless Pool into a beauti- fully lighted “waterscape.” These low-energy lights are installed by drilling through the pool wall panel using a special tool provided. These holes are fitted with watertight niches that hold a long-life LED bulb. Like jets, lights cannot be retrofitted easily. If you decide on lights, they should be included in your initial order. Access must be maintained to the outside of the pool wall where lights are installed.

Pool Liners

Made from thick 28-mil commercial vinyl, our sturdy liners are 50% thicker and more durable than standard pool liners. Each liner comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects. In fact, we’re so confident in our liners and how easy they are to install, that should one become damaged during installation, we’ll REPLACE IT FREE OF CHARGE.With extra durability built right in, our custom liners give you the design flexibility and peace of mind not found in any other counter-current machine.

Standard Liners
For flat bottom pools in most popular sizes we stock our liners in standard colors for quick shipment. If you have selected a custom deeper pool and/or you choose a custom pattern, it will be shipped separately by UPS ground. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for the manufacture of your custom liner.

New Tile Patterned Liners
We’re familiar with the backyard pool of pale Mediterranean blue, and light blue remains an ever-popular color among our customers. But the interior of your Endless Pool can be finished in a variety of aquatic tones. Whether you choose a simple flat-bottom pool for exercise swimming or our deeper option for vertical aquatic exercise, these beautiful liners will certainly complement your overall design. Each season Endless Pools offers a unique selection of high-quality patterned liners, each sporting attractive and realistic tile-like edging. Now you can finish your Endless Pool with a custom liner more appropriate for your installation.


EP-Liner Options copy

Performance Options

A. Swim Pace Display

Pool on the RocksEasy to reach — even with swim goggles — the 6″ high-visibility display presents the pace of the swimmer in minutes:seconds per 100 yards or 100 meters. Perfect for interval training or to monitor improvements in swim technique. Simply set the pace and swim for as long as you like. Requires our Wireless Remote Control.

B. Hi-Performance Current

Designed with the athlete in mind, our new 6 HP Hi-Performance Power nit produces a faster swim current with greater resistance for optimal training. Our new Power unit increases power to our revolutionary new propeller design, increasing rpm. With expanded power capacities and a new propeller, the new Hi-Performance Current creates a broad, deep, non-turbulent current that is adjustable to meet your competitive needs.

EP-Performance-OptionsC. Custom Dual Propulsion System

For those who wish to swim side by side, this option incorporates a second propulsion system and a custom pool size. Our Dual Swim Current allows two swimmers to utilize two independently controlled variable speed swim currents. Available in two sizes.

D. Wireless Remote Control

The Wireless Remote Control replaces the Manual Valve that is used to adjust the speed of the current and which must be mounted to your coping. This handy, water resistant remote turns the swim current on and off and precisely controls the speed of for swim. Able to operate up to 50′ from the pol the receiver is wired directly to either the standard 5-HP or optional high-performance 6-HP power unit. 2 controls are provided.

E. Swim Current Gauge

The Swim Current Gauge allows you to see the swim current setting, permitting repeatable speeds each time you swim. This is an important feature for swimmers who want to keep track of their progress. Once you learn the appropriate speeds for warm up, interval training, speed training, endurance training and cool down, you can design personalized workout schedules using the gauge to set the appropriate swim current speeds for each swim set.

F. Underwater Swim Mirror

The Underwater Swim Mirror helps improve your stroke by providing instant feedback. It lets you monitor each hand entry and pull through, as well as should rolls. You can also watch for underwater exhalation. The Swim Mirror provides a unique view of for swim technique.

G. Floor Mirror

Designed for serious swimmers, the Floor Mirror is ideal for swim technique improvement because it allows you to make adjustments to your stroke in real time. The 2′ x 3′ Floor Mirro rests on the bottom of the pool and is ideal for tracking body roll and hand entry. A must for serious swimmers, and it need only be laid on the pool floor and can be moved in seconds to monitor each segment of for body and swim.


Fitness, Physical Rehabilitation and Performance Options

EP-More-fitness-optionsA. Underwater Camera (NTSC only)
Our Underwater Camera system is simple and easy to use offering super high-resolution. Underwater analysis is the most powerful tool for understanding and improving your stroke. Includes mounting hard- ware, RCA outputs for video and DC power jack and 100 ft RCA cable.

B. SwiMP3 Player

Listen to music while you swim!The new SwiMP3 is revolutionary in that when the device is placed on any bones of the skull it leads to vibration of the fluid in the inner ear resulting in unprecedented sound quality. Bone conduction is a safe, well-established hearing mechanism that the SwiMP3 leverages to enhance aquatic activity. Includes: SwiMP3 Player, Lane 4 goggles, Carrying case, USB Cable, Software and manual.

C. Heart Rate Monitor

Swimming and aquatic exercise in an Endless Pool can give you all the benefits of land-based workouts, while minimizing the effects of gravity on your joints, causing less stress on your body. With a Heart Rate Monitor, you can set precise goals for your workout, enabling you to devise an efficient and healthy routine specific to your needs. Keep in mind that your heart beat is 17 beats slower when you exercise in the water than when you exert the same effort on land.

D. AquaticTreadmill

Turn your Endless Pool into a complete home gym with the addition of an Aquatic Treadmill. Use the treadmill with the current on or off to vary the intensity of your walk or jog. Designed with an internal resist- ance system that allows you to vary the speed, you expend as much or as little effort as desired and still achieve a great cardio workout. Take it to the next step and use the aquatic treadmill to cross-train in the Endless Pool. Alternate between swimming and walking or jogging to get a full body workout! For placement options and additional informa- tion, please contact your design professional.

Aquatic-Step-imageE. Speedo Aquatic Exercise Step

Do step aerobics in your pool with this step made just for water exercise. Non-skid top and rubber-edged bottom provides excellent stability. Bright orange color with yellow Speedo “target” in the middle for great visibility in the water. It is the safest and most effective step available for water aerobics. Made of durable injection molded PVC, measuring 26.75″ x 16.25″ x 6.75″.

F. Redwood Step

A handy, portable boost for kids or adults. The optional Redwood Step is often selected to make entry into and exit from the pool easier. Perfect for a fully aboveground or partially in-ground pool installation. This sturdy 30” x 13” step has 6.5” risers and matches any décor.

G. Child Alarm

The “POOL S.O.S.” Child Alarm floats on the surface of the pool and emits a loud warning sound should someone accidentally fall into the water.The alarm does not replace careful surveillance,but does offer an added measure of protection. When properly used, this alarm will warn you if a child, animal or adult falls into or enters your pool while it is unattended.

H. Propane and Natural Gas Heaters

Propane and Natural Gas Heaters are often selected for outdoor installations, or indoors in areas with high electricity rates or where less expensive “off-peak” electric service is unavailable. Gas heaters are also appropriate when the owner wants a more responsive heating system. A 50,000 BTU gas heater, either natural gas or propane, can raise the pool temperature about 2 ̊ F per hour in a standard size Endless Pool.


Safety Options

Safety-OptionsA. Stainless Steel Corner Step

The optional Corner Step is often selected to make entry into and exit from the pool easier. The Corner Step provides an intermediate step between the underwa- ter bench and the coping and has slip resistant tape for increased traction. The step can be installed in any of the four corners of the pool.

B.The Full Depth Stair and Hand Rail

The Endless Pool Full Depth Stair is designed for fully in-ground pool installations and includes a stainless steel handrail for additional stability. The stair provides “walk-in” capability for those with special needs. The 2’ wide Full Depth Stair is dark grey with slip resistant treads that extend from the top edge of the pool to the stan- dard depth pool floor. The Hand Rail is engineered to coordinate with the installa- tion of the Retractable Security Cover.

C. Spa Rail

The stainless steel Spa Rail provides assistance entering or exiting the pool while minimizing the projection into the swimming area. Rails are most helpful for fully or partially in-ground Endless Pool installations. The Spa Rail may be used with the Stainless Steel Corner Step, available separately. The Spa Rail is available in satin fin- ish stainless steel.

D. Coping Rail

Designed with a smaller footprint, 3.5 inches by 3 inches, our Coping Rail is ideally suited for more narrow coping systems. Constructed from stainless steel the Coping Rail measures 12 inches high with a grab area measuring 12 inches by 16 inches. The Coping Rail provides added assistance and safety when entering or exit- ing your Endless Pool.

E. Hand Rail

The Hand Rail provides greater stability by guiding the swimmer from deck/coping level to the pool floor of the standard pool. Rails are most helpful for fully in-ground Endless Pool installations. The Hand Rail (longer than the Spa Rail, above) is includ- ed with the Full Depth Stair.

F. 3-Foot Stainless Steel Grab Bar

Grab Bars inside the perimeter of the Endless Pool provide an extra measure of security and are useful for a variety of exercise and therapy routines. The 3-Foot Stainless Steel Grab Bar is not recommended for installations with optional Bullnose Coping.


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